Saatchi & Saatchi LA Charity Event

A series of fundraising events followed by a gallery showing were organized for the charity of choice – Free Arts for Abused Children. Canvases and painting supplies were set up for …



Strata Analysts has been serving the Petroleum, Industrial and Environmental Industries for over 26 years. It is important that the visual aesthetic of the website match the company’s industry. The design …


Fahrenheit 451 book cover and collateral

A book cover design and collateral advertising material for the 1950’s novel ‪Fahrenheit 451‬, by Ray Bradbury. The marketing materials are targeted towards coffee shops and bookstores. The cover and collateral …


Grand Central Art Center & Begovich Gallery

The poster embodies the formal characteristics of Russian Constructivism and photomontage. To be as authentic to the historical period as possible, newspaper clippings of headlines and images were cut/pasted together to …

Robotfood Magazine Masthead

Robotfood Magazine

ROBOT FOOD will deliver unique editorial content through an intuitive design. The typography of the masthead will be designed as a logo; this will be the magazine’s brand identity.

HOW Interactive Design Conference Logo

HOW Interactive

This is a perfect solution to redesign the HOW Interactive Design Conference logo. The use of line makes it recognizable, strong, smart, and versatile.


Evoke Unity

Evoke Unity, a grassroots project developed by undergraduates from the Art Department of the College of the Arts, was created to discuss cultural diversity and identity among today’s students. This installation …


Fullerton Arboretum

The Fullerton Arboretum inspired this poster series. I created a conceptual poster through descriptive terminology from research information. The word “build” is used a conceptual primer for formally manipulating elements to …

riCardo crespo Typeface

riCardo crespo

The title treatment for the poster was designed with a custom typeface. From the title your eye is lead by diagonal lines to the crucial information giving you clarity. Colors such as …